Strategic Security Planning & Effective Operations
Course Description
Effective security is a vital prerequisite of business success, and recent history is littered with examples of companies which have failed because of security inadequacies. Modern security is a highly specialized and skilled business, calling for a wide range of abilities and qualities on the part of the professionals who lead it. At the same time, it must be realized that security sits within the corporate strategy, and must contribute to the organization’s goals. Integration of the security function into senior-level corporate planning is essential. The modern security manager should be a key player in the company, who can plan and run an effective security strategy, and a competent and well-trained team, which together will enable the organization to operate effectively, free from the consequences of the unexpected.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?
Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

    • Design a comprehensive security strategy for a major organization or facility
    • Integrate security into the goals of the corporate strategy
    • Run the security function within a major organization
    • Motivate staff in the implementation of effective corporate security

Target Audience

Security Directors and Managers, Security Supervisors, Security Officers, Facility Supervisors, Facility Officers, Facilities Directors and Managers, Health and Safety, Fire personnel, Fire Managers, HSE Officers, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, Loss Prevention Engineers, Control Center Operators and Supervisors, Emergency Personnel, Emergency Dispatchers, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, HSE Officers, HSE Engineers & Personnel, HSE Professionals, Emergency Response Team Members, HSE Managers and Auditors, HSE Professionals, Inspectors, Advisors, Auditors, Laboratory Personnel, Process Control Engineers and Technicians, Process Control Designers and Systems Engineers, Instrumentation and Control System Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors, Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisors and Technicians, Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Engineers and Maintenance Personnel, HR and Administrative Supervisors responsible for security

Training Methods

This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

  • Lectures
  • Workshop & Work Presentation
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
  • Videos and General Discussions

Daily Agenda

Security As a Strategic Core Activity

    • Threat assessment and surveys
    • Identification with corporate objectives
    • Strategic design of security
    • Legal considerations
    • Long-term planning and budgeting
    • Selection of the security manager
    • Reporting, delegation and allocation of responsibility
    • Board level briefings
    • Planning exercise

Security Defenses

    • Physical protection measures
    • Electronic systems (IDS, CCTV, Access Control, EAS)
    • System Integration
    • Procedural defenses
    • Security control rooms
    • Information security
    • Computer security
    • Equipment review and assessment

Human Aspects of Security

    • Staff selection and vetting
    • Selection factors specific to security staff
    • Training for security staff
    • Specialist security equipment
    • Security education programs for all staff
    • Electronic systems and access control
    • Gaining employee support for the security function
    • Security newsletters
    • Protection of personnel
    • Audit and investigations

Contingency and Emergency Planning

    • What is an emergency?
    • Contingency policies
    • Crisis management teams
    • Crisis management centers
    • Disaster recovery & business continuity
    • Contingency planning training
    • Specialist assistance
    • Special risks insurance
    • Crisis management exercise

The Integration of the Security Strategy

    • Senior management commitment to security
    • Communication
    • Review scheduling
    • Total quality management
    • The onion skin approach to security
    • Personal qualities of the security manager

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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