Security& Emergency planning processes
Course Description
Do you as a manager fully know what security measures and emergency planning processes you have in place? In a management or supervisory role you need to convince your clients, colleagues and staff you have the expertise and these procedures in place. This program provides the essential abilities with a detailed concentration on managing a controlled exercise. The benefit of this role is critical to managers, supervisors and administrators who may have to pro-actively prepare for and possibly manage the unexpected.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?
Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

    • To provide expertise to manage the health and safety process
    • To complete supervised exercises in health and safety documentation development
    • To provide expertise to complete and manage risks assessment
    • To provide expertise to investigate and analyze safety statistics
    • To monitor safety process and undertake audits

Target Audience

    • Managers and supervisors of security or emergency management
    • Managers and supervisors who require to initiate and monitor security and emergency management procedures
    • Personnel managing administration of assets or logistics

Training Methods

This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

    • Lectures
    • Workshop & Work Presentation
    • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
    • Videos and General Discussions

Daily Agenda

Hazards in various industries

    • Lessons From Past Accidents
    • History of Fires & Explosions
    • Hazards in Process systems – Separation, Liquefaction, etc.,
    • Hazards in Compressor Stations & Pipeline Transportation.
    • Consequences of Spills & Leaks
    • Major Effects from Chemical Accidents
    • Types of Fires & Explosions
    • Toxic Gas Dispersion

Working in Hazardous Areas – Basic Safety Procedures

    • Workplace hazards & Component Inspections
    • Safe Working Practices
    • Identification of Flammable & Combustible Material/ Chemical Hazards
    • Protocol for Identifying Hazardous Material
    • Use of permits and procedures in critical areas
    • Devising procedures & checklists to achieve a safe system of working with chemicals/ equipment (detect, avoid or compensate for error-likely procedural steps.)
    • Basic first Aid – assessment of breathing, control of shock, burns etc.,

Advanced Safety Systems /Techniques

    • Hazard Identification Process
    • Results from Hazard Identification Procedures
    • Goal of Hazard Identification
    • Necessity for Hazard Identification & Procedure
    • Risk Assessment Procedure
    • Hazardous Area Classification in Industrial Plants
    • Selection of appropriate technique
    • Identification of Critical EquipmentSafety System Performance Considerations

Hazard Prevention & Control Measures

    • Safety Inspection and auditing Incident Reporting
      • Importance of Accident Investigation & Reporting
      • Failure Sequences
      • Classification of Causes
      • Accident Prevention
      • Elements of Incident Investigation
      • Reporting for Near-Misses & Accidents

    • Handling Spills/ Leaks of Chemicals
      • Actions Required
      • Handling Gas Leaks
      • Prevention & Mitigation for Fire & Explosion hazards
      • Emergency Responses

    • Maintenance of Equipment in Hazardous Areas
      • Safety Availability & Reliability
      • Protection of Equipment
      • Safety of Electrical Equipment

Emergency Response Management

    • Identifying the key components of a Safety Management System (SMS)
    • Emergency control
    • Team and personnel training
    • Resources and organization of the team and support facilities
    • Investigation
    • Safety Management Systems
    • Relevant key elements that make up an integrated HSE Management System - SMS in action
    • Planning for efficient emergency response and crisis management
    • Establishing a major accident prevention policy
    • Incident develop or crisis
    • Structuring your organization’s approach to crisis and emergency management
    • The warning of the public in an emergency
    • Justifying the role of industrial emergency response resources
    • Methodology – Risk based scenario reviews
    • Alternatives conclusions/findings
    • Responding to the emergency
    • Activating emergency response plans
    • Undertaking crucial decision
    • communications and problems encountered to bring the situation to a speedy conclusion
    • Contracting out emergency process
    • Choosing the right contractor
    • Back up resources required

Loss Prevention Policies & Procedures

    • Risk Reduction & Control Program
    • Hierarchy of controls
    • Inherently safer design strategies: Minimize, Substitute, Moderate, Simplify;
    • Industrial examples
    • Safety Management Systems
    • Safety A New Perspective
    • Risk based Safety Culture
    • Measuring Safety culture
    • System Safety and Role of communication
    • Adoption of international standards / Certification
    • Good Safety is good business

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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