Fire Fighting Response & Hazmat for Process Industries
Course Description
Fire often cause explosions in vessels, particularly those containing liquids common in Process plants. Fire Fighting in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries may be particularly complex, where, potentially every fire is a Hazmat incident. Large quantities of toxic fumes are frequently involved and may lead Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) members to undertake rash actions which constitute hazards to personnel.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

This course will equip the delegates the knowledge and skills to handles hazards of process plants correctly, in the event of an outbreak of fire which they are called on to fight. The delegates will also have the knowledge to identify and correct hazards, thus, prevent fires from occurring. 

Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

    • Know the basics of firefighting and its knowledge, skill and application
    • Understand the various methods of firefighting technique and strategy
    • Identify the function of fire protection system and its application in process industries
    • Create greater awareness of fire safety and fire risk associated with process industries
    • Deploy correct actions in responding to emergency
    • Use correct application technique of first aid firefighting equipment and portable fire equipment
    • Understand hazardous materials, hazard classes and identification system
    • Know various type of HAZMAT equipment and its usage
    • Understand various types of portable gas detectors and its function
    • Learn the basic care and maintenance of breathing apparatus, airline equipment
    • Emphasize the importance of BA safety check and operation procedures

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Managers, Superintendents, Line Managers, General Supervisors, Foremen, Supervisors, Project Managers, Fire Officers, Senior Fire Officer, Chief Fire Officers, Senior Fire & Equipment Personnel, Fire Coordinators, Fire Executives & Industry Personnel, Fire Responders, Fire Engineers Loss Prevention Engineers, Control Center Operators and Supervisors, Emergency Personnel, Emergency Dispatchers, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, HSE Officers, HSE Engineers & Personnel, HSE Professionals, Emergency Response Team Members, HSE Managers and Auditors, HSE Professionals, Incident Control Point (Forward Control) Team Members, Inspectors, Advisors, Auditors, Laboratory Personnel, Process Control Engineers and Technicians, Process Control Designers and Systems Engineers, Instrumentation and Control System Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors, Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisors and Technicians, Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Engineers and Maintenance Personnel, experienced and new Auditors linked to the company’s HSE Management Systems (HSE-MS), HSE-MS Personnel, Personnel involved in implementing the Company’s HSE-MS, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, Staff responsible for managing hazardous wastes, Supervisors and Line Management who have assigned responsibilities within the organization’s Safety Management System (SMS)

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Course Outline:

    • Chemistry of fire
    • First aid firefighting equipment and appliances
    • Types of fire emergencies in the process industries
    • Fire protection system 
    • Fire safety and fire prevention
    • Fire emergency plan
    • Use of fixed and portable firefighting suppression and extinguishing systems
    • Breathing apparatus
    • Casualty evacuation
    • Actions in relation to fire emergency
    • Drills including safety procedures when using fixed and portable fire equipment, PPE, firefighting methods for defensive and offensive operations, use of various firefighting agents, firefighting procedures, use of breathing apparatus, effecting rescues, hot fire and hazmat incident

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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