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تقدم بى تى إس للتدريب والإستشارات الإدارية حلول التدريب الإحترافي. ذات مستوى عالمي بمهنية وجودة، لتمكين المنظمات والأفراد العاملين في القطاعين الحكومي والخاص

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Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Kuala-Lumpur - Malaysia | 20 Jun, 2021

Introduction: Industries, commercial facilities and institutions are responsible not only for the products that they produce and sell, but also for the waste materials that they generate. In the past ...


Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Istanbul - Turkey | 25 Jul, 2021

Predictive & preventive maintenance is a system that enables the user to manage their assets to the maximum use of the cost allocated. A Predictive maintenance system that is cost effective over time ...


Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Amsterdam - Nethersland | 25 Jul, 2021

While developing the individual’s leadership skills specifically in the area of Strategic planning, development and execution of plans, organizational goals will be achieved more efficiently. The cour ...


Advanced Supply Chain & Logistics Management Masterclass

Dubai - UAE | 15 Aug, 2021

Supply chain management helps organizations build and deliver products better, faster and cheaper. Supply chain managers are involved in every facet of the business process – planning, purchasing, inv ...


Managing Wellsite Operations, Safety Leadership, Risk Assessment

Dubai - UAE | 05 Dec, 2021

This course provides a complete overview of wellsite operations from the perspective of the Operations Geologist and the Wellsite Geologist. The focus is on being able to understand the job functions ...


Power Generators Control & Protection

Manama - Bahrain | 08 Aug, 2021

This comprehensive course is regarded as an essential course for those engineers and electricians involved with the operations and maintenance of Gas or Steam Turbine driven Generator systems. This co ...

United Kingdom

The Complete Course of Payroll Management & Administration

London - United Kingdom | 01 Aug, 2021

Ask anyone in the organization what he or she thinks you do. The answer? “It is simple. Multiply my hours by my salary, subtract the tax and write a cheque”. If only it were that easy. When it comes t ...


Understanding & Managing Human Performance

Dubai - UAE | 12 Sep, 2021

The key to understanding and managing people effectively is to know something about what makes people act and behave in the ways they do. What are the drivers that determine individual behavior, actio ...



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