Service Management Skills
Course Description
Customer Service Managers are managers who oversee or control the customer service representatives. It is their job to certify that the customer care representatives treat their customers appropriately. They direct and guide these representatives and even create and implement training programs for them. They act like mentors or teachers to the customer care representatives. They are usually employed in banks, call centers, hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, retail and wholesale stores and other similar organizations. As a manager, you probably interact with customer service personnel every day. But are you empowering your organization with quality customer service suggestions? In this course, the candidates will discover the dynamite methods for bringing out the best in your team, measuring customer service, and learning what you need to do to anticipate the needs of your reps and your customers. As an added bonus, you'll unlock the power of leading by example and setting new trends for customer service in your growing business.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

This program recognizes that service is becoming a more important aspect of satisfying customers whether internal or external, managers should be looking at ways of maximizing the effectiveness of service management. This course will also help you answer the following questions and implement the required Management Systems to implement them:

  • Do you get the best from your service units?
  • How to meet cost targets and give consistently good service?
  • How to develop a "service task” - a service vision and a structure to deliver it?
  • How to check how you match up to world class and competitor service standards?
  • How to spot ways to differentiate your service delivery?
  • How to create a framework for plotting customer demand dimensions?
  • How to measure the cost and effectiveness of service delivery?
  • How to see if systems and business processes match your service task?
  • How to map the resources used at each stage of service delivery?
  • How to check how well you manage resources, service quality and service recovery?
  • How to reduce waste and increase productivity?
  • Planning issues for service quality management?
  • Technology tools for service quality management?
  • What are the issues of management concern?
  • How are improvements implemented?
Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Learn how to implement customer service systems in their organization
  • Gain multi-discipline understanding of the issues related to service management skills
  • Be more able to incorporate the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and all his customers in their improvement proposals and actions
  • Build a knowledge framework in which job related experience can be caught and remembered
  • Recognize the importance of satisfying internal and external customers
  • Improve effectiveness of service departments
  • Acquire effective use of service resources
  • Be able to measure quality of service
  • Apply risk assessment of service functions
  • Implement customer satisfaction processes in their organization or department.

Target Audience

Customer Service Professionals, Managers, Public Relations Officers, Practitioners & Personnel, Quality Management Personnel, Customer Analysts, HR Professionals who have communications roles, Customer Service Representatives& Professionals, Team Leaders & Supervisors, Administrators, HR & Training Professionals, Accounts Personnel, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Marketing Managers or Directors, Sales Managers or Directors, Sales Trainers, Salespeople, Communication Specialists, Brand Managers, Frontline & Reception Staff, Customer Service Representatives (CSR), Personnel responsible for building and sustaining their company’s reputation for customer service excellence, anyone who provides services, products or information to internal, or external customers

Training Methods

Daily Agenda
  • Introduction, Practical Issues & Overview
  • Industry Standard Definitions & Terminology
  • Service Industry Standard Good Practices & Methodologies
  • Some Best Practices for Service Organizations & Departments
  • Some Quality Analysis & Management Tools
  • Business Mapping of Operations
  • Flow Charting & 4M+C Analysis
  • Setting Service Quality Targets
  • Essential Processes to Deliver Good Service Quality: Meeting Customer Expectation Processes
  • Implementing the Required Processes
  • Some Processes for Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement
  • Implementing System for Creating Customer Delight
  • Open Discussion & Case Studies

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total course duration.

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