Advanced Effective Strategic Management Skills
Course Description
Today’s successful senior manager is expected to create, manage and implement strategy effectively and efficiently to achieve an organization’s vision. This course utilizes the know-how to build on your experience and develop your talents and skills to achieve this objective. It includes strategic planning and its tools, implementing a strategy, budgeting and costing, developing effective systems and processes, managing people, managing change and managing risk. The wide-range of teaching styles of this dynamic, interactive training, uses up-to-date approaches, methods and techniques. This ensures the delegates learn in a way which is adapted to individual learning styles and requirements. Delegates work on and develop their personal learning outcomes throughout the training and understand how to apply practical lessons they have learned, as soon as they return to their organizations. This course will give emphasis on the management’s key role of setting the organization’s strategic direction. This course supports the development of highlevel strategy skills for middle to senior Managers wanting to gain or refresh their knowledge of strategic planning and increase confidence in the use of corporate planning tools and approaches. This may include the ability to align the organization’s internal capabilities to unpredictable external factors, which is crucial for success. Developing and implementing new ways to make your business more successful requires a structured approach. As a business leader, you need to understand the ever-changing business environment, make strategic choices about which direction to take, communicate this direction, and clarify how it will be executed. This course will help delegates to understand the global context in relation to their business, as well as develop skills and confidence to boost performance and enable them to develop and sustain their organization’s performance for the future.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

This course will feature:

  • Review of business and economic context for your business
  • Tools and techniques used in strategy development
  • Use of strategic thinking: innovation approaches
  • How organizational culture supports or prevents innovation
  • Leadership qualities needed to inspire, motivate and engage with staff
Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will learn about:

  • Master the latest strategy frameworks
  • Develop your strategic thinking
  • Test and develop your strategy ideas in deep dive sessions
  • Map out your detailed execution plan
  • Strengthen your leadership and communication skills
  • Develop good Vision and Mission statements in support of strategy formulation
  • Carry out stakeholder analyses to enable management of diverse interests Relate leadership qualities to culture and strategy development
  • Develop a systems thinking view of organizations

Turn strategy into business and operational plans

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Managers, Superintendents, HR Officials, T&D Personnel, General Supervisors, Executives, Supervisors, Financial Officers and Controllers, Process Managers, Strategic Planning Managers, Key Personnel, OE Champions, Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Company Secretaries, Presidential Advisors, Ministerial Advisors, Board Advisors, Chief Financial Officers, Board Members, Heads of Department, Directors of Human Resources, Directors of Business Development, Strategic Advisors, Senior Managers, Project Directors, Engineers, any person needs to acquire managerial and leadership skills

Training Methods

This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

  • Lectures
  • Workshop & Work Presentation
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
  • Videos and General Discussions

Daily Agenda

The Strategizing Process

  • Why strategize: 21st century changes and challenges?
  • Psychological aspects of decision making
  • Strategic thinking: who, how, when & why
  • Examples of strategy success and failure
  • The functions and capabilities of a strategic manager
  • Culture and strategic choices

The Strategic Process

  • Impact of external change: competitive positioning, technology, regulation
  • Innovation: Blue v Red Ocean strategies
  • The strategy hierarchy
  • Realizing the strategies: making them happen
  • Recognizing & reacting to disruptive competition
  • Competitive positioning

Strategic Management Skills

  • Leadership theories & styles
  • Attributes of successful leaders
  • Strategic skills: traits or contextual
  • Visioning, communicating & framing
  • Team and organization perspectives on implementing strategies
  • Leading others through the strategic process

Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making

  • Importance of leadership in implementing successful strategies
  • High-profile leadership which inspires and motivates
  • Decisive, speedy and consistent decision-making
  • Persistent follow-through on all decisions to produce results

Managing the Culture        

  • The significance of corporate culture
  • Facets of culture: the cultural web
  • The Leaders role in establishing the culture
  • Managing in a multi-cultural corporation
  • Impact of culture on strategy roll out
  • Challenges of mergers & acquisitions

  Skills for Success

  • Communication, including: presentations, meetings, oral, listening, body language and written
  • Delegation to increase productivity
  • Negotiation and influencing skills for a win-win for all
  • Time management for minimum effort to produce maximum results

Tactics and Plans

  • Employing tactics to achieve objectives
  • What type of plan?
  • Owning and implementing plans
  • Strategic execution: budgeting, forecasting & adjusting to reality
  • Aligning corporate to individual objectives
  • A culture of learning



BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total course duration.

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