Business Sustainability Management
Course Description
Sustainable managers drive sustainable business efforts at their organizations. These professionals are long-term thinkers, agents of change, and ambassadors with vision. Sustainable business leaders use a range of knowledge and abilities to do their jobs. First and foremost, they must be able to solve complex business problems, such as sustainable development, by applying systems thinking—or, analyzing whole systems by looking at how component parts of the system interact with each other. They also must understand basic economics, marketing, accounting, and law as well as how to assess and interpret social, scientific, and business-related information. Additionally, sustainable managers must be effective communicators and leaders because they may lead a team; engage with varied departments, sites, and stakeholders; and present to diverse audiences.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

Business sustainability management course is centered on the notion that sustainability is integral to ensuring businesses can continue to operate on a planet with finite resources and deliver benefits to both shareholders and society.

Training Objective

By attending this Business Sustainability Management training course, you will gain verifiable and relevant knowledge of the following key areas within a sustainability context:

  • Sustainability challenges - climate changes, social pressures, urbanization
  • The business case and leadership for action
  • The regulatory environment and international policy
  • Value chains
  • Design, technology, and innovation for sustainability
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Putting it into practice - developing an action plan to tackle social, economic, and environmental sustainability challenges within the organization

Target Audience

Sustainability is not the sole responsibility of a designated Sustainability Manager. This Business Sustainability Management course is therefore aimed at:

Anyone working in the business. Sustainability Management needs to be integrated into business operations throughout its organization and value chains. You will be given the tools to adopt a practical approach by developing a unique action plan for your business. This not only highlights current global pressures and megatrends affecting business but also gives you the knowledge and confidence to help colleagues and other stakeholders adapt and identify new sustainable social, economic, and environmental opportunities

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Day 1

Sustainability challenges and opportunities:

  • The global state, what needs to change, and how to bridge the sustainability gap through rewiring the economy?

The business case and leadership for action: 

  • Why sustainability is good for business, and the importance of good leadership in achieving change.

Day 2

Regulatory environment and international policy

  • Policy instruments, international agreements, and the role of business and civil society in shaping a zero-carbon economy

Production and consumption

  • The value chain: Implementing business models and processes for sourcing, producing, and consuming sustainably.

Day 3

Design, technology and planning for sustainability

  • The role of innovative design, planning, and technology in facilitating sustainable business. 

Communication and marketing

  • How to effectively communicate sustainability strategies and goals to internal and external stakeholders.

Day 4

Collaboration and partnerships

  • How businesses can work together with corporate, government, and non-profit actors to bring about large-scale change in the sustainability space.

Day 5

Rewiring your business approach

  • Learn how to be an effective change agent, overcome barriers to change, obtain networking support, and create a personalized sustainability action plan.

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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