Advanced Procurement Skills
Course Description
This course is aimed at improving the skills of the Procurement Professional and Senior Buyers in organizations. Advanced negotiation and procurement techniques, business continuity and contingency planning for procurement are discussed and practiced in simulations. The course examines the strategic importance of procurement departments by using concepts and ideas in order to maximize the procurement department's effectiveness and thereby reducing costs throughout the supply chain.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

The program is an opportunity to develop leadership skills that will assist in working better together, learning to handle conflict situations, implementing time management techniques and understanding the need to have an attitude that is accepting of change. This course is furthermore designed to provide Purchasing Professionals with not only the best practices generally viewed as leading to World-Class performance in procurement activities, but also to provide practical tools and guidance. It is an essential course for the Purchasing manager and Senior Buyer, and delegates will return to their organization with actual realistic plans on how to make considerable cost savings. Senior managers will also benefit from attending this course as they will be able to make savings in their organizations by ensuring that the tools are implemented.

Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Review critical supply strategies
  • Be provided the concepts of activity based costing
  • Discuss current forces of change
  • Learn how to create rapport, build trust and establish credibility in a work group
  • Understand that communication is vital to successful, productive work groups
  • Learn skills required for good supplier relationships
  • Study business continuity and contingency planning for procurement
  • Learn about category segmentation process
  • Learn how to plan in successful negotiations
  • Study different approaches in negotiations
  • Examine standards of ethics
  • Learn how to rate a supplier
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of suppliers

Target Audience

Procurement, Contracts, Purchasing, and Project personnel, Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance personnel, anyone who are involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of tenders, awards, contracts and purchases that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services and who are in organizations whose leadership want high levels of competency in those involved in contracts and purchasing activities.

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Performance Purchasing

  • Introduction to purchasing and its contribution to the organization
  • The supply chain and its influence
  • Influence of the external environment
  • Purchasing organizations
  • The procurement cycle
  • Purchasing systems
  • Critical supply strategies
  • Category segmentation process

The Supplier Relationship

  • Transforming the supplier relationship
  • Specifications
  • Working with end-users
  • Supplier evaluation criteria
  • Appropriate supplier methodologies
  • Total cost approach
  • Defining the organization's mission in building supplier relationship
  • How to be a good customer
  • Communication, trust, and credibility as key elements
  • Shrinking the supplier base

Advanced Negotiation Skills

  • Avoiding confrontational negotiating
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Negotiating with an angry person
  • Dealing with back door selling
  • Power closes that are used on the buyer
  • Understanding the other negotiator's power
  • Negotiating pressure points
  • Negotiating with untrustworthy counterpart
  • Negotiation tactics and countermeasures

Leadership Skills for Procurement Personnel

  • Communication techniques of verbal, non-verbal and written
  • Methods of communication lead to more productive work and minimize stress
  • Communication and interaction openness develops trust
  • Identification of interpersonal interaction methods
  • Recognizing response to and perceptions of change
  • Analyzing and preparing for the human reaction to change

Advancing Procurement Contribution

  • Attract and retain supply management talent
  • Supplier measurement
  • Vendor rating
  • Steps in developing performance based contracts
  • Action planning
  • Business continuity and contingency planning for procurement
  • What is activity-based costing?
  • Price cost and value
  • Ways that advanced procurement can improve organization’s finances
  • Course review and evaluation

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total course duration.

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