Course Description
The Symantec Identity and Authentication Services R1 course is designed for the IT security professional needing to develop an understanding of the principles and use cases behind the Symantec VIP Service and VIP Access Manager. This class covers how to prepare and plan and implement the Symantec VIP Service and VIP Access Manager using a fictional organization called Trusted Bank and emulating real life scenarios. This course will help you understand and apply VIP strong authentication integration to provide multifactor authentication to applications. Though not required, to get the most out of this course, you should also have a mobile device – preferably one with biometric capabilities
The Training Course Will Highlight ?
Training Objective

After completing this course you should be able to:

  1. Describe the various VIP Service components and the need for strong authentication.
  2. Plan and deploy the VIP Service architecture components in an enterprise environment
  3. Configure the VIP Service to provide strong authentication for applications using RADIUS, VIP Login (SAML), VIP JavaScript, and VIP 3rd Party Plugins.
  4. Understand the developer integration options for applications that that require development for integration using the VIP Web Service API’s and Mobile Credential Development Kit.
  5. Identify the major features and functions of Symantec VIP Access Manager.
  6. Describe the deployment options and architecture of Symantec VIP Access Manager.
  7. Configure Symantec VIP Access Manager to use Identity Services for Single Sign-On to web-based applications.
  8. Implement access controls to web-based applications.
  9. Enable multi-factor to step-up authentication to applications based on specific scenarios.

Target Audience

Individuals charged with the installation, configuration and day-to-day management of the Symantec VIP Service and VIP Access Manager

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Lesson 1: Selecting the Appropriate VIP Strong Authentication Method

  1.  Drivers for Strong Authentication • Methods for Enabling Strong   Authentication
  2.  Understanding the Symantec VIP Service
  3.  Symantec VIP Credential Options
  4.  Selecting Symantec VIP Credentials

Lesson 2: Plan and Implement the Symantec VIP Service

  1. Architecture of the Symantec VIP Service
  2. Planning a Deployment of the Symantec VIP Service
  3. First Steps with VIP • Deploying the VIP Enterprise Gateway
  4. Maintaining the Symantec VIP Service

Lesson 3: Secure VPN and Remote Access using RADIUS and VIP Strong Authentication

  1. Remote Access Methods
  2. RADIUS Protocol Basics
  3. VIP Validation Servers
  4. Deploying Symantec VIP Validation Servers

Lesson 4: Enhance Web Applications with VIP Strong Authentication

  1.  Mechanisms for Integrating Symantec VIP into Web Applications
  2.  Using Symantec Supplied Integrations to Enable VIP with Web Applications
  3.  Using Custom Development to Integrate Symantec VIP into Applications

Lesson 5: Review of the Symantec VIP Service

  1.  How Symantec VIP can be Used to Provide Multi Factor Authentication
  2.  Symantec VIP Architecture and Deployment Models
  3.  VIP Lifecycle Operations with VIP Manager

Lesson 6: Introduction to Symantec VIP Access Manager

  1. Challenges of per-application management
  2. Overview of VIP Access Manager
  3. Architecture of VIP Access Manager
  4. Planning a Symantec VIP Access Manager Deployment
  5. Installing Symantec VIP Access Manager

Lesson 7: Enhance Security and Improve User Experience Through Single Sign-On

  1. Using Symantec VIP Access Manager to offer a single sign-on service
  2. Authenticating users to Symantec VIP Access Manager
  3. Deploying applications to users with Symantec VIP Access Manager

Lesson 8: Control Access to Web Applications Based Upon Organization Requirements

  1. Controlling access to web applications based on business requirements
  2. Managing access to web applications using Symantec VIP Access Manager

Lesson 9: Enable Multi-Factor Authentication Based Upon Business Requirements

  1. Correlating multi-factor authentication to business requirements
  2. Enhance web application security with multi-factor authentication

Lesson 10: VIP Access Manager Review

  1. Symantec VIP Access Manager Architecture and Operations
  2. Review how Symantec VIP Access Manager can be used to Secure Web Applications while Increasing Productivity

Lesson 11: Identity and Authentication Services Review

  1. Identity and Authentication with Symantec
  2. Trusted Bank Scenario Review
  3. IAS Next Steps
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