Total Cost of Ownership & Opportunity Analysis

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PRO 182 - 0126-01-202030-01-20205 Stars HotelDubai$ 4950English Register
PRO 182 - 0309-08-202013-08-20205 Star hotelLondon$ 5950English Register
PRO 182 - 0222-03-202026-03-20205 Star hotelOman$ 4950English Register
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  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Opportunity Analysis (OA) are valuable strategic

tools for unpacking key cost elements and resources to drive sourcing initiatives, together
with the appropriate allocation of assets.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals at all levels of an organization, whose job function requires them to conduct
strategic sourcing activities, develop commercial bid content, conduct negotiations and/or
conclude contracts.
This includes: Procurement Managers, Procurement Specialists, Category Managers,
Category Specialists, Commodity Managers, Commodity Specialists, Sourcing
Managers, Sourcing Specialists, Contract Managers, Contract Specialists, Risk Managers,
Logistics Managers, Logistics Specialists, Operations Managers, Supply Chain
Managers, Supply Chain Specialists, Commercial Managers, Finance Managers,
Engineering Managers, Facilities Managers, IT Managers, Construction Managers and
Project Managers.

About the Workshop
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis uncovers all of the lifetime costs that follow
from owning assets. Opportunity Analysis (OA) identifies methods for capturing value
through sourcing.
The central aim of effective strategic procurement is to satisfy business needs and, at the
same time, provide value for money. In order to meet this aim, it is first necessary to
understand the needs, establish all the costs associated with satisfying such needs over
time and ensure the best use of financial assets and other pertinent resources for
achieving this goal.
This five-day workshop includes case studies and worked examples, as delegates explore
how to understand and break down asset ownership cost elements and how to best
optimize the allocation of assets to extract maximum value from sourcing, including:
• Demand management
• Budgeting and planning
• Prioritizing asset purchase proposals
• Evaluating project proposals
• Capturing value through sourcing
• Asset life cycle management.

Benefits and Outcomes

• Understand demand management;
• Prepare budgets to optimize needs satisfaction;
• Understand Life Cycle Management, incl. Ownership, Economic , Service and
Depreciable Life;
• Analyse costs, including Acquisition Costs, Operating Costs and Change Costs;
• Learn how to build TCO models;
• Learn how to conduct Opportunity Analysis;
• Know how to conduct data mining to support and facilitate decision-making;
• Know how to research opportunities to maximize benefits from resource allocation;
• Understand the link between Strategic Sourcing and TCO;
• Develop a structured methodology that can be applied across a wide range of
• Promote creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork.

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