Monitoring and Evaluation Projects

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PM 171 - 0109-02-202013-02-20205 Stars HotelDubai$ 4950English Register
PM 171 - 0205-04-202009-04-20205 Stars HotelIstanbul$ 5450English Register
PM 171 - 0305-07-202009-07-20205 Stars Hotel Amsterdam$ 5950English Register
PM 171 - 0404-10-202008-10-20205 Stars HotelManama$ 4950English Register


This course is designed to develop individuals’ understanding of what monitoring and evaluation entails, why it is so vital, and how to do it well and in a participatory way. This course ensures that those who are new to this field have a thorough understanding of monitoring and evaluation concepts and have built up the practical skills and the confidence needed to do monitoring and evaluation effectively. Participants will learn to use a range of monitoring and evaluation tools and activities that will help them improve accountability, learning and effectiveness of projects and programmes.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone planning to become more effective in monitoring and evaluating projects 


This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

  • Lectures
  • Workshop & Work Presentation
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
  • Videos and General Discussions


BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.


  • Defining the main terms and concepts associated with the processes of monitoring and evaluating projects and programs
  • Articulate the key purposes of monitoring and evaluation and be able to prioritize according to the context
  • Selecting and using a range of tools with confidence
  • Applying results of monitoring and evaluation processes to both accountability and organizational learning.



  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E) Overview
  • Fundamentals of M & E
  • Introduction to Participatory Techniques
  • Performance Indicators
  • Components of a Successful M & E Plan


  • Modern Approaches to M & E
  • M & E Frameworks – Conceptual
  • M & E Frameworks – Logical
  • Program Management Cycle
  • M & E Cycles


  • Logical Framework for strategic planning
  • Practical/Group Work: Preparing a strategic plan
  • Result Chain
  • Implementations of Result Chain


  • Basic quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection Techniques
  • Bias in Data Collection: definition, sources and control
  • Data Processing: analysis, interpret and presentation of routine program data
  • Theory of change (TOC)


  • Structure of a technical report: understanding observation, interpretation, conclusion and recommendation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance evaluation
  • Organizational capacity development
  • Practical/Group Work: Preparing on evidence based report
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