Contractor Safety Management (CSM)

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PM 128 - 0109-02-202013-02-20205 Stars HotelCairo$ 4950English Register
PM 128 - 0212-04-202016-04-20205 Stars HotelDubai$ 4950English Register
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This course will provide you with all the necessary skills and talents to successfully appoint a contractor and manage them with confidence to ensure their health and safety performance will be of the highest quality. Your organization is never more at risk than when you outsource work without validation and it is therefore essential you have all the necessary checks and balances in place to ensure this process is well managed. Contractors must be informed, assessed and monitored in a variety of ways to ensure their performance does not have a costly negative impact on your business. It is vital the actual performance of a contractor matches their stated intentions otherwise the statements and documents provided within any completed tender are meaningless leaving your organization and its reputation at risk. This training course will develop your ability to critically assess your contractors at all stages of a project to ensure you receive maximum performance with minimum risk. This course will highlight:

  • The key components of an effective contractor management system
  • The importance of communication, co-operation and co-ordination
  • How to positively influence the performance of contractors
  • How to carry out meaningful and effective performance monitoring
  • The visible business benefits
  • Planning and selecting contractors – practical arrangements and methods
  • Establishing project interface agreements, documentation and HSE Project Plan
  • Managing contractors’ compliance, with the HSE Project Plan, on day-to-day basis
  • Monitoring – keeping track of contractor’s performance
  • Reviewing and learning – contractor management, deciding what needs to be improved

​Who Should Attend?

Team Leaders, Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Control Center Operators and Supervisors, Emergency Dispatchers, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, HSE Officers, HSE Personnel, HSE Professionals, Emergency Response Team Members, HSE Managers and Auditors, Health & Safety and Environmental Professionals, Coordinators, Specialists and other full-time safety practitioners, Fire Officers, Loss Control Managers, Security Directors and Managers, Security Supervisors, Facilities Directors and Managers, HR and Administrative Managers with responsibility for security, Project Managers, Safety Inspectors, Plant Managers and Supervisors, Incident Control Point (Forward Control) Team Members, Supervisors, Advisors, Auditors, Laboratory Personnel, Emergency Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Engineers & Maintenance Personnel, Experienced and new auditors linked to the company’s HSE Management Systems, HSE-MS Personnel, Personnel involved in implementing the Company’s HSE-MS, Control Center Operators and Supervisors, Security Personnel and CCTV Operators, Incident Control Point (Forward Control) Team members, Staff responsible for managing hazardous wastes, Supervisors and Line Management who have assigned responsibilities within the organization’s Safety Management System (SMS)

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to know about:

  • How to prepare projects and select contractors
  • How to define client/contractor agreements and documentation
  • How to produce a client/contractor HSE project plan
  • How to supervise contractors’ operations on day-to-day basis
  • How to Monitor and review a contractor’s performance and implement improvements

Course Outline:

Project Planning & Selecting Contractors

  • Why use contractors?
  • Tender invitation and contractor evaluation process
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment of project and/or work tasks
  • Establishing key client/contractor contractual elements
  • Client pre-project start HSE meeting

Client/Contractor Interface: HSE Project Plan

  • Defining, agreeing and documenting client/contractor responsibilities
  • Establishing client/contractor HSE project plan
  • Establishing scope of client/contractor shared activities
  • Producing an HSE client/contractor interface matrix
  • Produce active performance monitoring and audit checklists

Managing Contractor Safety on Site

  • Contractor site awareness, training and competence arrangements
  • Contractor’s incident reporting and investigation procedures
  • Client/contractor emergency preparedness arrangements
  • Carrying out HSE site inspections of contractor activities
  • Joint client/contractor HSE and project meetings
  •  Monitoring contractor performance
  • Assessing level of supervision needed to oversee contractor
  • Appraisal of project and/or work tasks
  • Conducting audit of contractor’s compliance
  • Measuring and recording of contractor’s overall safety performance
  • Checking if there are any changes in personnel?

Contractor Review and Lessons Learned for Improvements

  • Review project performance and/or work tasks carried out by contractor
  • How effective was the project and/or work task planning?
  • How well did the contractor perform?
  • How did the job go generally?
  • Record the lessons learned and develop appropriate improvements
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