Contract Writing, Planning & Management

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Many project fails due to contracts not properly prepared and set up. Also, unnecessary disputes take place due to improper preparation of contracts. Even whenever the contracts are available, they do not reflect the basic of the cooperation and the complexity of the works. Good contract will lead to efficient and effective costs, minimum risks and timely execution of project completion. This course will give you the hands-on practice of contract writing based on real life experience of working in contracts area. The participants will have more time to practice rather than listening to theories. Computers will be provided to put in the theory into contract practice.

The contract is at the heart of all commercial transactions. Those involved in these transactions have the duty as agents of the organization to develop a high level of competency in contract writing, planning and management. Recognize the main contractual provisions and appreciate their effects on the implementation and management of future contracts. This course will enable the candidates to understand the importance of knowing the contractual terms and conditions and review the techniques for solving problems and partnering with contractors. This program is designed to assist in that development by providing:

· The contract planning process

· Thorough understanding of contract types

· The critical elements of a contract

· Specific contract clauses to improve performance

Who Should Attend?

Contracts, Purchasing, and Project Personnel, Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance Personnel, Project and Contracts Management Professionals, Tendering, Purchasing, Contract Administration Professionals and Personnel, Engineering, Operational, Finance, Maintenance Professionals, Managers and executives in the procurement, finance, legal, risk and supplier relations department, Business Managers, Commercial staff, Project Engineers, Procurement staff, Legal staff, Contracts analysts & Officers, Contract Leaders & Engineers, Cost & Planning Engineers, Contract Administrators, Contracting Unit Supervisors, Claims Managers and Business Audit Officers, Contract Strategists, Project Managers, General Managers involved in contract negotiation and disputes, Commercial Managers, Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Tenders Managers, Supply Chain Managers & Executives, Procurement Managers & Personnel, Construction Managers, those involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of tenders, awards and contract performance that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment and services.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

· Review contract planning by risk assessment

· Gain in knowledge of contract types

· Learn how to write contract clauses to protect the owner

· Be presented important elements of a contract

· Explore how to developing better contract provisions

· Be able to structuring economic price adjustments

· Review specific contract clauses to improve performance

· Discuss important elements of contract management

Course Outline:

Important Elements of Contract Management

· Essential activities in contract management

· Planning the contract

· Identify basic planning assumptions

· Reviewing historical data check list

· Basic items that should be in a statement of work

· Elements of risk

· Determining contract type by risk strategies

Planning the Contract Document

· Developing the economic price adjustment clause

· Managing expectations

· Obligation documents

· Important elements and objectives of the contract

· Use a contract check lists

· Important implications of the integration clause

· Buyer’s rights before performance is due

The All Important Commercial Clauses

· Example clauses inspection, acceptance, rejection

· Major issues related to warranties

· Uniqueness of service contracts

· Including performance measures in the contract

· Does the penalty clause add value

· Methods of payment

· Don’t overpay progress payments

· Large software acquisitions

Contract Issues after the Award

· How to deal with contract changes

· Types of contract termination

· Breach of contract

· Bonds and guarantees

· Preparing for contract disputes

· Contract clauses for disputes

· Legal concepts that may supplement written terms

New Issues to Consider in Contract Writing & Management

· Buying in groups

· The new engineering contract (NEC)

· Supporting E-commerce

· Clauses related to fraud prevention

· Contract review process

· Improve personal and project management

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