Contract Management & Tendering Activities

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High quality Contract and Tender Management are essential activities in achieving improved levels of performance for all organizations. Providing the high value added activities available from contract and procurement operations requires the continuous involvement of knowledgeable professionals and management who understand and implement the best practices in Contract Management and Tendering for the acquisition of goods, equipment, and services. Included in the many topics covered in this comprehensive course to move contracts from the tactical to a more important strategic focus are:

· Contract Management and Tendering Is a Profession, Not Just a Job

· Elements of a Good Procurement and Competitive Bidding Process

· Developing Tender Evaluation Criteria

· Selecting the Right Contract Type

· Contract Preparation

Who Should Attend?

Contracts, Purchasing, and Project Personnel, Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance Personnel, Project and Contracts Management Professionals, Tendering, Purchasing, Contract Administration Professionals and Personnel, Engineering, Operational, Finance, Maintenance Professionals, Managers and executives in the procurement, finance, legal, risk and supplier relations department, Business Managers, Commercial staff, Project Engineers, Procurement staff, Legal staff, Contracts analysts & Officers, Contract Leaders & Engineers, Cost & Planning Engineers, Contract Administrators, Contracting Unit Supervisors, Claims Managers and Business Audit Officers, Contract Strategists, Project Managers, General Managers involved in contract negotiation and disputes, Commercial Managers, Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Tenders Managers, Supply Chain Managers & Executives, Procurement Managers & Personnel, Construction Managers, those involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of tenders, awards and contract performance that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment and services.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

· Know the elements of good procurement process

· Learn methods of tender evaluation

· Review contract strategies

· Explore steps in developing performance based service contracts

· See examples of important commercial contract clauses

· Be presented the essential elements of a contract

· Be given examples and sources of contract checklist

Course Outline:

Contract Management & Tendering: When Does the Process Start?

· What you need to know to be competent at contract management

· Elements of a good procurement and competitive bidding process

· Standards of ethical practice

· Example policy relations with suppliers

· Selecting the right contracting strategy

· Types of statement of work

· The importance of the contract

· Basic contract types

· Basic types of project deliver

Developing the Tender

· Objectives of the contract

· Tender and contract check lists

· The important integration clause

· Inspection, acceptance, rejection

· Clauses for defects in material and workmanship

· Developing performance-based service contracts

· Penalty liquidated damages clause

· Clauses for spare parts

Important Elements of the Contract

· Saving with economic price adjustment clauses

· Force majeure clauses

· Contract changes clauses

· Methods of payment

· Progress payments

· Letters of intent, award and side agreements

Bidder Selection and Tender Evaluation

· Selecting the bidders

· We want more than the lowest price

· How do you know you got a good price?

· Use of price indexes

· Electronic evaluations

· Requesting cost breakdowns and evaluations of cost breakdowns

Managing the Contract Performance

· The criticality of good contract administration

· Contract changes

· Determining status and expediting

· Contractor payments

· How contracts end

· Remedies for breach of contract

· Types of bonds and guarantees

· Negotiation tips

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