Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

Code Start Date End Date Location Venue Price Languages Register
SEC 130- 01 12-01-2020 16-01-2020 5 Star Hotel Istanbul $ 5450 Engilsh Register
SEC 130- 02 08-03-2020 12-03-2020 5 Star Hotel Dubai $ 4950 Engilsh Register
SEC 130- 03 22-09-2019 26-09-2019 5 Star Hotel Kuala Lambur $ 5250 Engilsh Register
SEC 130- 04 15-12-2019 19-12-2019 5 Star Hotel Dubai $ 4750 Engilsh Register


A robust "boot camp" style learning experience, the CPP certification classroom review provides a high-level review of security concepts tested on the exam. You will identify areas of strength and weakness to confidently know where to focus your study, as well as build relationships with peers and board certified instructors.

CPP Exam Domains

  • Security principles and practices

  • Business principles and practices

  • Investigations

  • Personnel security

  • Physical security

  • Information security

  • Crisis management

Who Should Attend

  • The CPP Board Certification is for experienced practitioners who have a broad depth of understanding in leadership and security program management.

    Others who may find the review program useful include security practitioners who want to review fundamental concepts of security, managers who have recently assumed security responsibilities, and individuals seeking more information about the security profession.

    The CPP Review is intended to supplement other exam preparation activities. Review program schedules, content, faculty, locations, and pricing are subject to change.

Immediate Benefits

  • Strengthen your understanding of key concepts and practices tested on the exam.

  • Identify strengths to build on and areas that may require additional preparation.

  • Take a practice assessment.

  • Build relationships and share study tips with others preparing for the exam.

  • Learn proven test-taking strategies.

  • Develop your own study plan from class handouts

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