Achieving Strategy through Smart Leadership & Innovation ( Online )
Course Description
This course will expose delegates on the concept that innovation and outstanding leadership go hand in hand. Delegates will learn that new ideas can inspire new products, services and systems which can provide a distinct competitive advantage over competitors, and smart leadership brings those ideas to life.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

Outstanding leadership does not occur by accident. Great leaders are smart leaders. They understand it is imperative to continuously develop and build upon many key skills. They know that it begins with their thinking and commitment to learning and secondly to foster the creative impulse throughout the organization.  This course will feature:                            

    • The foundations of smart leadership
    • Multiple intelligences to generate ideas
    • Creativity and  strategy formation
    • Leading with creativity and innovation
    • Leadership communication
Training Objective

By the end of this course, delegates will learn about:

    • Identify the fundamental principles of leadership
    • Analyze the common myths and misconceptions about innovation
    • Solve any problem or issue with creative methodologies 
    • Apply  multiple intelligences to generate ideas

Practice a four-step process for team innovation

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Managers, Superintendents, HR Officials, T&D Personnel, General Supervisors, Executives, Supervisors, Financial Officers and Controllers, Process Managers, Strategic Planning Managers, Key Personnel, OE Champions, Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Company Secretaries, Presidential Advisors, Ministerial Advisors, Board Advisors, Chief Financial Officers, Board Members, Heads of Department, Directors of Human Resources, Directors of Business Development, Strategic Advisors, Senior Managers, Project Directors, Engineers, any person needs to acquire managerial and leadership skills.


Training Methods

We are using WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft teams with its special features

Daily Agenda

Encouraging a Creative Climate at Work

    • Innovative leadership for excellent performance
    • The critical mass for change and innovation
    • Innovation vs constant improvement
    • How a leader creates a climate of innovation
    • Case study on most innovative companies
    • Innovation and current business breakthroughs

Gaining the Participation of the Workforce

    • The G.E. “workout” strategy
    • Developing creative solutions for strategies
    • Gaining the “buy-in” from the workforce
    • Overcoming paradigms
    • Dealing with organizational “drift”
    • Case study on gaining empowerment

Leading on the Creative Edge

    • Developing creative potential in people and teams
    • Understanding creative people
    • Convergent & divergent thinking skills
    • Motivating creative individuals at work
    • Incubating ideas
    • Interacting creatively
    • Converting expenses to assets using creativity

Creating a Motivating Climate for Higher Productivity

    • The ten key elements to setting up new missions
    • Setting goals and targets creatively
    • Creating a “sense of significance”
    • Rewarding performance
    • The four step “Pygmalion” theory
    • Generational motivators

Driving Strategic Change

    • Managing the change process
    • Kotter’s change management techniques
    • Communicating with a sense of urgency
    • The downside of change
    • Creating a climate of constant change
    • Successful techniques for changing people

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total course duration.

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