Personal Skills And Approaches For Office/Department Coordinator - Online
Course Description
Whatever the job title - whether it be administrator, office manager, secretary or something else - the role of coordinating and supporting the work of the office, department or team is crucial to everyone’s success and the achievement of departmental and organizational objectives. This new training session takes a fresh look at this role and the personal skills and approaches needed to fulfil it effectively.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

This includes a focus on:

    • managing the workload and work-related stress 
    • managing personal relationships and communicating effectively
    • organizing and supporting meetings
    • managing information and providing what management needs
    • monitoring and administering  budgets and projects
    • improving office systems and processes
    • self-development  and career management
Training Objective

  • To help participants develop their skills and understanding and to motivate them so that they fulfil their roles effectively and enhance the quality of service they provide to their bosses and departments


Target Audience

Office/department coordinators, other administrative personnel, secretaries and personal assistants


Training Methods

We are using WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft teams with its special features

Daily Agenda

Managing the Workload/ Managing Pressure and Stress

    • Introduction and the coordinator’s role
    • Streamlining systems and cutting out unnecessary work
    • Making the best use of resources
    • Planning and priority setting
    • Managing requests and conflicting priorities
    • Helping others manage their time
    • Understanding work-based stress and pressure
    • ‘Stress-busting’ strategies

Managing Working Relationships and Effective Communication

    • Networking and influencing skills – getting co-operation from others
    • Managing relationships with the boss
    • Taking a briefing and briefing others (task delegation and co-ordination)
    • Principles of effective communication
    • Getting the best out of e-mail communication
    • Assertiveness
    • Dealing with conflict and difficult relationships

Organizing Effective Meetings / Managing & Presenting Information

    • What makes an effective meeting?
    • Developing agendas
    • Co-coordinating participants’ availability and providing advanced information
    • Organizing venues – location, layout, equipment and catering
    • Organizing remote meetings (e.g. teleconferencing)
    • Making notes and drafting minutes
    • Meeting support - designing effective and attractive PowerPoint slides
    • Principles of information management
    • Digesting data and making it meaningful
    • Presenting graphs and tables
    • Principles of report writing – editing and enhancing others’ reports

Managing & Monitoring Budgets and Projects / Getting the Best from Office Technology

    • What goes wrong with projects?
    • CPA and principles of project planning/scheduling
    • Using project planning software
    • Budget management – allocating expenditure to budget headings
    • Monitoring actual expenditure against budget – variance analysis
    • Managing the office environment
    • Getting the best from office technology
    • Developing paperless systems
    • Developing and using relational data-bases

Developing Your Own Performance/ Getting the Best from Your Appraisal

    • Taking a proactive approach to problem solving and continuous improvement
    • Identifying blockages to enhanced performance
    • Identifying skills and knowledge needs and how to meet them
    • Taking an active part in your own appraisal and getting the support you need
    • Programme summary and action planning

BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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