Who We Are

We specialize in training & development for individuals and teams across all types of organizations, large and small, public and private, domestic and international. We run over 300 events a year, which includes public and tailored programs within organizations.

We over 800 internationally-renowned presenters, trainers, consultants, industry leaders and authors as training partners. BTS can deliver an all-encompassing international training and consultancy service.

Our Vision

To Be a Leading Training & consultancy Provider in the world

Our Mission

BTS is committed to providing practical training to professionals and managers worldwide through instructor-led intensive short-courses.

Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants’ on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization.

We judge our success by the extent to which our customers perceive that BTS has made a significant difference in their organization’s performance.


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