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AC 122-04 18-Mar - 22-Mar-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
AC 122-05 20-May - 24-May-2018 kuala-lambur $ 4850 english Register Now
AC 122-06 19-Aug - 23-Aug-2018 istanbul $4850 english Register Now
AC 122-07 14-Oct - 18-Oct-2018 london $5200 english Register Now
AC 122-08 23-Dec - 27-Dec-2018 cairo $4250 english Register Now


The purpose of this course is to give the participants a good and practical understanding of accounting and financial concepts, standards, and tools. The course includes introduction to simple preparation and analysis of financial statements to help evaluate the performance and take proper / corrective decision


  • Specifying the exact nature and scope of accounting process
  • Identifying major accounting and financial terms and concepts
  • Sophisticated reading of the “balance sheet” and “income statement” of a firm will enable you to understand its financial position and results of operations
  • Awareness of the importance and / or the implications of decisions or corrective actions to be taken
  • Being familiar with Evaluating the performance of the firm

 Who Should Attend?

  • Shareholder /Partner / Businessman
  • Investor (Prospective shareholder)
  • Major Creditor or lender
  • Financial analyst
  • Non financial manager (H/R, sales and marketing, warehouse, etc…)
  • Anyone interested and wants to develop his knowledge of financial statements and its analysis


This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

  • Lectures
  • Workshop & Work Presentation
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
  • Videos and General Discussions


BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.



  • Introduction
  • Importance of accounting
  • Key accounting and financial terms
  • Management Accounting Vs. Financial Accounting
  • Cash Flow Statements Vs Cash Flow Budgets
  • Chart of accounts
  • Cash v. accrual accounting basis
  • Debits and credits – Simple idea
  • Accounting Equation


  • Introduction to financial statements
  • Income Statement
    • Equation
    • Components
    • Preparation


  • Introduction to Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Equation
    • Equation
    • Components
    • Preparation


  • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Cash and equivalent cash items
    • Direct and indirect methods
    • Preparation
    • Non cash items
    • Magic Equation
  • Statement of Changes in Equity


  • Financial Management Tools (Financial statements analysis)
    • Vertical v. Horizontal trend analysis
    • Ratio analysis
    • Decision making related to Financial statements analysis
    • Budgets, Projections and Forecasts
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