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MG 163-03 18-Mar - 22-Mar-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
MG 163-04 06-May - 10-May-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
MG 163-05 15-Jul - 19-Jul-2018 kuala-lambur $ 4850 english Register Now
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Organizations with strong reputations do better financially, attract and keep talent at lower costs, have lower costs of capital, and more easily gain support from stakeholders. Organizations that do not manage their reputation have it managed for them by competitors, critics or others. Reputation is the perceptions of your organisation in the minds of stakeholders. In this highly interactive 5-day training course in Dubai you will learn how reputation management combines elements of strategy, management, marketing, customer service, communications, and human resources. The process of reputation management involves aligning the goals, values and behaviours of your organisation to build credibility and trust among stakeholders.

This BTS training course will feature:

  • Discovering the drivers of your corporate reputation
  • Critical evaluation of your reputation identifying any gaps in perceptions
  • Mapping your desired reputation and test for organisational alignment
  • Designing communications tactics to provide reputational levers
  • Develop a communications strategy for reputation management


By the end of this BTS training course participants will be able to:

  • Accurately identify the strategic impact of communications on reputation
  • Measure and map stakeholder perceptions including social media sentiment
  • Write a communications plan to defend and develop reputation
  • Produce a clearly reasoned reputational defence plan and implement it
  • Deliver business excellence for organisational reputation alignment

Who Should attend?

This training course will benefit any senior manager who shares responsibility for developing brand and reputation and particularly: Communications specialists (internal and external), HR professionals with a concern for the impacts of reputation, Departmental managers and Project managers

Course Outline

Day One: Developing a World Class Reputation Management Culture

  • What is reputation and how is it valued?
  • World Class Organisations –common traits and practices
  • Reputation audits – what they reveal
  • SWOT, PEST and Reputation
  • The strategic drivers of reputation
  • Map your desired reputation


Day Two: Organisational Alignment

  • Compiling stakeholder interest inventories
  • Opinion measurement and monitoring
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Identifying touchpoints and moments of truth
  • Internal alignment
  • Testing for organisational alignment


Day Three: From Organisational to Communications Strategy

  • Strategy, its function and development
  • Outlining the elements of your strategy
  • Matching strategy to tactics
  • Channels and their use
  • Mapping stakeholders to channels
  • Message control and Organisational alignment


Day Four: The Reputation Toolkit

  • Identifying the appropriate reputational levers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Issue management and environmental scanning
  • Crisis reputation management – Spokesperson selection and training
  • Business and reputation recovery
  • Influencer relationships

Day Five:  From Planning to Successful Practice

  • Process mapping and control – the core of planning
  • The elements of a successful plan
  • Your own plan – construction and critique
  • Persuasive presentation
  • Selling your plan to senior decision makers
  • Course evaluation and close
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