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AC 134-05 19-Aug - 23-Aug-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
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Tackle the challenges of selecting and implementing a new payroll system with confidence. This course will guide you in selecting, designing, and successfully implementing a new payroll system that best fits your company’s needs. Learn from payroll professionals who have led successful payroll system implementations and who will explain the process in the language you use every day.

Who Should Attend ?

Payroll, human resources, accounting, benefits, and systems professionals who are planning to select, upgrade, replace, and/or implement a new payroll system


Technology Selection – Setting the Stage

  • Approach to system/ technology selection Establish the project team
  • Select a hardware platform Mainframe
  • Service providers
  • The ASP Alternative
  • Cloud computing 
  • Determine where/how the technology will be developed or delivered In-house systems
  • Vendor-licensed systems
  • Service providers/ASPs
  • Software as a Service 
  • Select a processing environment
  • Select interfacing versus integration
  • Prepare a high-level project plan
  • Conduct a Current Situation Analysis to create a Functional Requirement Document
  • Prepare a Request for Information
  • Prepare a Request for Proposal
  • Perform the evaluation Vendor evaluation matrix
  • Select the system/ technology
  • Negotiate contract terms
  • Revise the project plan 
  • Integrated vs. interfaced systems Interfacing – working with other systems and departments Human resources
  • Benefits
  • General ledger/cost accounting
  • Direct deposit/EFT/payroll card
  • Time and attendance/ workforce management
  • Payroll bank accounts
  • Budget
  • Labor cost data collection
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax deposits and third-party payments
  • Third-party agencies
  • Social Security Administration
  • Third-party administration
  • Accounts payable
  • Vendor interfaces 
  • Integration of payroll and human resource systems
  • Customers
  • The project team Effective teams Contributors
  • Collaborators
  • Communicators
  • Challengers 
  • The review committee
  • Executive support
  • Project plan Project management Determine who, what, when, and how
  • The project plan
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Coordinate status meetings
  • Risks?!
  • Be realistic 
  • Mapping day
  • Establish the overall project plan
  • Prepare a current situation analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • New payroll/HRIS system analysis
  • PEST analysis
  • Developing a process map Determine the boundaries/parameters
  • Identify and list process steps
  • Sequence the steps
  • Draw appropriate symbols
  • System model
  • Check for completeness
  • Finalize/validate the process map
  •  Analyzing process flows Examine each step to determine risks or challenges
  • Review each decision within a process
  • Examine the rework (or return) loops within each process
  • View the process from the customer’s perspective
  •  Document functional requirements

System Selection – Selecting the Vendor

  • Request for Information
  • Request for Proposal
  • System selection Demonstrations
  • Scorecard
  • Interview other users
  •  Vendor evaluation

Last up 2Analysis of the report cards

  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Negotiate contract terms

System Implementation – Designing the System

  • Project plan – redone! (Re)organize the project, both plans and teams
  • Using six sigma or lean for process improvements
  • Create the implementation plan
  • Defining objectives/key results
  • Sample implementation project team performance objectives Performance objectives
  • Escalation management process
  • Train the project team
  • Install the technology Define the technical infrastructure
  • Install the software
  • Gap analysis Perform the gap analysis 
  • Prototype the system Build and test a vanilla prototype
  • Getting user buy-in

System Implementation – Developing the System

  • Data mapping and specifications Data mapping
  • Develop the functional and technical specifications
  •  Testing Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Stress testing
  • Conversion validation/ functional testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Vulnerability testing
  •  Logical day testing and user buy-in

System Implementation – Implementing the System

  • Documentation Create end-user procedures and documentation
  • System documentation for end users
  • User training and support Develop training material
  • Schedule training
  • Train the users
  • Set up Hot Line/Help Desk
  • Sample communication flow
  • Establish communication process 
  • Parallel testing and cut over Conduct parallel testing
  • Run final conversion
  • Cut over 
  • Business continuity planning Don’t make recovery too difficult
  • Making disaster recovery more comprehensive
  • Benefits of a business continuity plan
  • Steps to create a business continuity plan Obtain top management commitment
  • Establish a planning and implementation committee
  • Perform a risk and business impact analysis
  • Establish priorities for processing and operations – “critical needs”
  • Determine recovery strategies
  • Perform data collection
  • Organize/document a plan and procedures
  • Develop testing criteria and procedures
  • Test the plan
  • Approve the plan
  • Get involved and get results
  • Controls and security Putting controls into the process
  • Providing security for the system

System Implementation – Supporting the Live System

  • Supporting the system Wrap-up meeting
  • Provide user support
  • Ongoing processes
  • Meetings and other communications
  • Continuous process review leading to improvements
  • Escalation procedures
  • Root/cause analysis
  • Cross-training
  • Monitoring compliance/ external impacts to processes
  • Service-level agreements
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • System upgrades
  • Evolve, enhance the system
  • System lifecycle strategy
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