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This BTS training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to gain greater strategic value from training providers, manage and lead your own organisational learning department through ISO:29993:2017, as well as understand the principles of ROI in training and development.

ISO 29993:2017 is used as an international standard to manage and assess training provision in order to meet the organisations needs and expectations, as well as provide a mechanism to certify the learning service provider as meeting quality assurance in the service provided. The focus of this training course will be the analysis and alignment of business objectives in relation to ISO 29993:2017, in order to ensure the highest quality procedures are applied when conducting learning in the organisation, or engaging an external learning service provider.  You will also learn the key factors involved in achieving ROI for your critical development interventions.  This is an essential training course for those who are responsible for ensuring the correct engagement, credibility and quality assurance of learning in the organisation as well as utilising external service providers, including the financial control of creating, measuring and managing training and interventions. 

This training course will highlight:

  • The standards required and practical implications of achieving the ISO 29993:2017 standards
  • Ensuring that proposed training programmes are relevant and achieve quality assurance to support planned expenditure
  • Using ISO 29993:2017 to structure the management of the training department, quality assurance, policies and procedures
  • Understanding of budget and financial planning methodologies, systems and processes
  • Key monitoring and evaluation metrics and data analysis, and demonstrating that ROI has been achieved
  • Self-action planning to meet ISO 29993:2017 criteria


At the end of this training course you will learn to:

  • Utilize ISO 29993:2017 as the business quality standard to manage the department and engage external learning service providers
  • Apply techniques to identifying business training needs
  • Develop and propose a business case for training to meet strategic business objectives
  • Analyse evaluation methods to aid the management and measurement of investment
  • Create a self-developed Action plan for implementation of ISO 29993:2017

Training Methodology

This training course will utilize a variety of adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This will include group and individual activities.  Delegates will be encouraged to interact and engage with the course by exploring, discussing and debating the findings and conclusions of the standards using their own work related experiences.

Organisational Impact

In attending the training programme the organisation will greatly benefit through:

  • Managing the training and development function to recognized International standards
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of training progranmes and external providers
  • Alignment of business strategy to organisational development framework
  • Assured quality assurance procedures to recognized international standards
  • Improved cost and budgetary improvements and ROI
  • Improved leadership and management of the training and development function

Personal Impact

By attending this training course you will gain:

  • A greater understanding of the ISO 29993:2017 standards
  • Structured approach to leading and managing training and development
  • Creating robust development quality assurance procedure aligned to development
  • Quantifiable improved cost, budgetary improvements, and justifiable ROI
  • Creating business cases to satisfy organisational development spend

Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of HR, L&D and Training professionals, but will greatly benefit those who:

  • Are wishing to understand the ISO 29993:2017 standards
  • Have direct responsibility for the training within the organisation and wish to gain greater effectiveness and efficiency in quality managing this
  • Have a strategic overview of the business (HRD/OD) and who may also be responsible for initiating training programmes  or authorizing expenditure for training and wish to ensure that a robust quality system is in place for the organisation and the engagement of learning service providers
  • Are responsible for the planning and implementation of training programs at an operational level

Course Outline

Day 1 

Defining ISO 29993 – Quality Assurance of Training to Meet Business Needs

  • Business strategy and Organisational Development: the need for long-term planning for future skills and competences
  • ISO Standard – framework
  • The ISO:29993:2017 standard: overview
  • Aligning training and development to meet business objectives
  • Creating the business case for the training investment
  • Evaluation – methods and models

Day 2 

Management of the L&D Function to ISO 29993:2017 Standards

  • General Information provision development
  • Training Needs Analysis: requirments and format
  • Design of the learning service
  • Sponsors and learners: requirements
  • Service delivery standards
    • Staff
    • Learning material
    • Learning enviornment
  • Faciltiators: standards, assessment and evaluation
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Monitoring and evalutaion of the learning service

Day 3

ROI – Financial Risk Management and ROI

  • Financial and Risk Management: Financial planning, measurement and forecasting
  • Training budget planning and formulation: factors and structure
  • ROI: process and methods
  • Self-Action Planning: gap analysis assessment/‘health-check’ to gaining the ISO 29993:2017 standard
  • Next steps

Day 4

Mastering the Evaluation Process  

  • Validation vs. Evaluation – What is the difference?
  • Current models explained: Kirkpatrick, CIRO, IES and the 10-step process
  • Understanding the Process of Evaluation and its position in the Training Cycle Schema
  • How to Use the 10-Step Process to Produce Training Evaluation – each step explained
  • The Evaluation Formula
  • How you decide what Training Needs Evaluating – use of the priority model
  • All Four Quadrants reviewed

Day 5

Practical Examples of Evaluation – Your Chance to Master the Techniques

  • Accountability of training department to guarantee and produce results
  • Why some people can’t learn – fact not fiction
  • Should all training be subject to evaluation?
  • Back-at-Work presentations
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