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LAB 119-02 11-Feb - 15-Feb-2018 manama $ 4450 english
LAB 119-03 08-Apr - 12-Apr-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
LAB 119-04 03-Jun - 07-Jun-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
LAB 119-05 12-Aug - 16-Aug-2018 london $ 5200 english Register Now
LAB 119-06 07-Oct - 11-Oct-2018 istanbul $ 4850 english Register Now
LAB 119-07 02-Dec - 06-Dec-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now


Good laboratory management can motivate teams of chemists and technicians to accomplish high quality work. The course is designed to provide an introduction to quality management practices in the laboratory according to ISO 17025 standards. It is also designed to build an understanding of concepts of personnel specification, job descriptions, how to apply quality standards and evaluate lab results. The aim of this course is to enrich and advance the skills and knowledge of participants in order for them to gain an understanding of qualified management systems used in laboratories.


  • To understand how the business processes of a laboratory can be combined effectively with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
  • To successfully integrate essential aspects to maximize gains from the management system.
  • To provide an understanding of the roles of the quality manager and technical management.
  • To be a good and qualified laboratory manager.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for laboratory managers, owners, and those who manage any aspect of laboratory operations.


This interactive Training will be highly interactive, with opportunities to advance your opinions and ideas and will include;

  • Lectures
  • Workshop & Work Presentation
  • Case Studies and Practical Exercise
  • Videos and General Discussions


BTS attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration



  • Introduction to management
  • Organization structure and design
  • Principle of leadership
  • Power of influence
  • Attributes for effective leadership
  • Leadership styles
  • Management function
  • Quality manual ISO 17025
  • Management functions
  • Managerial problem solving and decision-making
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Principles of collaborative management: recruitment, compensation, leave benefits, employment relations, termination.
  • Principles of collaborative management: understanding people, interactive communication
  • Fundamentals of financial management: review of financial accounting concepts, debits credits and the accounting equation, income statement, analyzing cost of service.
  • Effective budgeting in the laboratory
  • Performance evaluation and development guidelines
  • Management requirements by Quality Manual ISO 17025: organization, management system, document control, complaints, improvement, corrective action, preventive action, management reviews.
  • Environmental certification and management responsibility
  • Laboratory safety management
  • Laboratory instruments and technique
  • Laboratory methods
  • Interactive communication skills
  • Laboratory accreditation requirement
  • Validation of analytical methods and procedures
  • Quantitative methods
  • How to be a good manager


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