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Summary of the Program

This advanced payroll course is designed for anyone working in or managing the payroll function and deals with the more complex payroll issues. All payroll personnel should take this opportunity to expand their knowledge in an ever changing work environment while building on the knowledge already achieved in attending the Practical and Intermediate Payroll courses. Whether you work in payroll or are responsible for the payroll function you will find this course to be extremely valuable as it deals with the more complex issues payroll personnel encounter in their day to day work. No matter how experienced you are in operating payroll, we can guarantee that you will learn something new that you can bring back to work the following day! 

 Training Methodology

Calculation of gross salaries and deductable amounts is a tedious task that involves risk. Some organizations use traditional manual method of payroll processing and some have gone for the advanced payroll processing software. An organization opts for any of the following payroll processing available and based on this scenario, our facilitators would not be dealing on the software so much but will come up with a dummy payroll to assist your staff participants learn how payroll system effectiveness can be improved because each and every organization has its own payroll. Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd would therefore assist your staff participants to develop effective Payroll Management and Administration Techniques, Procedure and control. Using a combination of lectures, group and individual exercises, your staff participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics covered. The emphasis will be on the practical application of the topics and as a result participants will return to their workplace with both the ability and apply the techniques learned.

Programme Objectives

The seminar will explain how your participants can:

  • Developing Effective Payroll Management and Administration procedures
  • Maintain the Payroll network including setting up users and mapping access to files within the Payroll department.
  • Provide direction and control regarding the input, revision and deletion of Payroll information and the processing of electronic time transaction and pay warrant distribution.
  • Prepare, maintain and develop reports to the organization
  • Plan, organize, manage and coordinate the daily operations of the Payroll department effectively.

 Why Attend?

A payroll career is based around on-the-job training. This course equips payroll staff with an understanding of the reasons and methodology processes behind payroll and when those procedures may need changing.

Course Certificate

BTS Certificate will issue to all attendees

Is this course for you? 

  • Do you fully understand all the aspects of your company pension scheme?
  • Do you know the difference between a PRSA and a retirement annuity contract?
  • Do you know how to treat payments from a Permanent Health Insurance Scheme?
  • Do you know how to calculate a termination payment for an employee in the most tax efficient manner?
  • Are you aware of the rules regarding PRSI and family employments?
  • Do you know the common problems that arise on PAYE audits?

If so, this is the course for you!

Who should attend this course?

This is an essential training course for anyone, who is responsible for the payroll function or works in a payroll function dealing with the more complex payroll issues. Most people working in payroll have no structured training and they have to operate on the basis of what they have “picked up” over the years. No matter how experienced you are in the operation of payroll we can guarantee that you will learn something new and useful from this course.

 Course Outline

 Part 1

  • Registration, and setting the workshop objectives and goals
  • Understanding and development of Compensation and its Management
  • Strategic Manpower plan and Management
  • Development of key documents efficient payroll management

Part 2

  • Revenue approved company pension schemes
  • PRSAs and Retirement Annuity contracts
  • Tax deductible pension contributions
  • Options on leaving employment before retirement
  • Pension adjustment orders
  • Benefits on retirement
  • Taxation of pension lump sums
  • Contributions to and payments from PHI schemes
  • PAYE and PRSI treatment of Directors’ fees and salaries
  • Advanced PRSI issues to include PRSI and family employments, change in PRSI class on reaching pension age, the PRSI class that applies to payments made to job-sharers, JobsPlus, modified rate contributors, together with PRSI overpayments and refunds
  • Termination Payments to include statutory redundancy, basic exemption, increased exemption, SCSB, life time limit and reporting requirements
  • Common problems arising on PAYE Audits
  • This course will contain a number of practical PAYE, PRSI and USC calculations – please bring a calculator

Part 3

  • Pay Policy Management
  • Employee Cost Allocation
  • Accrual Management
  • Post Payroll Hours to General Ledger
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Employee Benefits Administration strategies
  • Payroll contracts and its implication of managing payroll in organization
  • Payroll Distribution and Control 
  • Payroll Recording and Reporting

Part 4

  • Best Practices in Payroll management
  • payroll management and reconciliation procedures
  • Payroll controlling, internal and external audit and its effectiveness on the organization
  • Application of Information Systems on Payroll Management and Administration  
  • Monitoring, Review and Supervision of Payroll Management

Part 5

Case studies:

  • Participants will develop corporate compensation plans for new investment companies, design manpower requirements, will develop employment contracts, plan salaries, benefits and other compensation and budget them for management approval
  • Program Evaluation and Closing
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