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AC 148-03 25-Feb - 01-Mar-2018 london $ 5200 english
AC 148-04 06-May - 10-May-2018 istanbul $ 4850 english Register Now
AC 148-05 26-Aug - 30-Aug-2018 cairo $ 4250 english Register Now
AC 148-06 11-Nov - 15-Nov-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now
AC 148-07 23-Dec - 27-Dec-2018 dubai $ 4450 english Register Now

About the course

Developed for asset managers from long-only institutions and market-neutral organisations alike, the Advanced Asset Management programme has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art “refresh”. It helps participants provide better performance for their clients by giving them an in-depth understanding of the major trends and issues in asset management today.

Participants are encouraged to broaden their thinking, emerging from the very narrow and specific set of skills used in the day-to-day management life to gain a better understanding of the new trends and issues in finance. They are taken through modern ideas, as well as detailed techniques, of asset management and portfolio selection.

Key Benefits:

– Broaden and deepen your understanding of new investment management concepts and explore the latest investment strategies and techniques

– Gain new insights into state-of-the-art asset allocation trends and ideas

– Acquire new tools and knowledge to provide better performance for your clients

– Explore the main pitfalls and problems facing peers in asset management today

Who should attend?

The Advanced Asset Management programme is designed for experienced investment managers with decision-making responsibilities. They come from all types of organisations: pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, endowments, hedge funds and more.

Investment analysts, asset managers, investment managers, portfolio managers and investment directors are among those who would benefit greatly from the programme.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the Advanced Asset Management programme, participants will have gained an overview of new industry trends and will have been exposed to new ideas that can be turned into strategies in asset allocation. They will have learned about – and confront – the main pitfalls and problems faced by their peers in the asset management industry. They will have also acquire a new understanding of markets and strategies.

Themes covered during the programme include:

– Strategic asset management, including: portfolio allocation, risk analysis, current trends, benchmarking

– Stock selection techniques for long-term investors, including: value creation determinants for the long-run; technical analysis and the role of profitability;
corporate events as signals of value; new sources of information

– Arbitrage investing and behavioural strategies, including: understanding behavioural biases; investment tools based on behavioural biases; short-term portfolio analysis; sources of mispricing; comparison of old strategies with the latest techniques; sources of performance and risk.


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